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Skincare beauty boosters – face mask focus with retail offers

An excellent way to support your skin at home is to apply a mask on a weekly basis. Set aside some special spa time and make it into a nurturing ritual.  Apply when having a bath, listening to relaxing music or meditating to enhance the benefits of your home treatment.

How to apply your mask

We always recommend gently and thoroughly cleansing the skin before applying your chosen mask. Use a warm compress and place on your skin, take a gentle breath in and out.  Warm the mask in your hands and gently press onto the skin. Apply to the forehead, down the nose, cheeks and jawline, complete with the neck area.  Avoid the eyes.  If you are going to lie down with the face mask on, apply damp cotton wool pads to soothe and rest the eyes.

Once you have thoroughly and gently removed the mask, put a small amount of toner in hands and apply to the skin followed by your moisturiser.

PHYTO5 special offers – clay and gel masks

While stocks last – free postage on orders over £50

We have a limited number of clay and gel masks available at a special price to make sure that, due to their natural and organic nature, we are able to retail our masks well within their sell by dates during this time of lockdown.

Carmela would be delighted to talk to you personally if you need help choosing a mask or other skincare product or wish to discuss any skin care concerns you have.

To place an order or talk with Carmela, please call 01608 670777 or email

If you’re an NHS worker please make yourself known to us and we will send you a complimentary Try Me size mask while stocks last.

Our 5 Element coloured clay masks

We have five clay masks, all naturally coloured clays mixed with energetic essential oils.  Each mask has its own unique properties for specific skin conditions and is also linked with an energetic season, as in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are currently in ‘green’ Wood season, the time of Spring and renewal.

All of our coloured clay masks are non-drying. After leaving on the skin for 15-20 minutes they love to be moistened and massaged over the skin, follow by removing with a warm moist flannel or sponge.

We have a limited number of each type of clay mask available at 35% discount – offer price £32.50, 100ml (standard price £50.50).

Wood clay mask – a great boost for all skin types currently and ideal for oily skin, blackheads, blemishes and hyperpigmentation all year round. A beautiful green colour, perfect for a skin spring clean and the energy of the season.  Key ingredients: green clay, kaolin, vitamin C, natural rosemary, lemon and cypress essential oils.

Earth clay mask – ideal for acne, toxicity, enlarged pores, and psoriasis. Yellow in colour, gently purifies, eliminating toxins, deeply cleansing the skin to help maintain a smooth, healthy skin for a bright complexion.  Key ingredients: yellow clay, kaolin, vitamin C, natural lemon, cypress and eucalyptus essential oils.

Fire clay mask – ideal for sensitive, irritated skin, couperose facial redness, and skin prone to heat and perspiration. Red in colour, gently balances, calms and supports the skin. Key ingredients: red clay, kaolin, vitamin C, natural rosemary, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils.

Metal clay mask – ideal for dry, dehydrated skin, lacking in minerals and for fine lines. White in colour, hydrates and provides essential minerals enabling the skin to hold onto water.  A great boost for tired, stressed skin due to include external and internal stresses.  Perfect following illness. Key ingredients: kaolin, Vitamin C, natural niaouli, eucalyptus, lemon and thyme essential oils.

Water clay mask – ideal for lack of tone, dry skin and wrinkles. Deep black in colour, it is the most firming and tightening mask in the range.  Key ingredients: marine sediments, kaolin, vitamin C, horsetail extract, natural juniper, eucalyptus and thyme essential oils.

Other masks you might like

Le Masque Gel Visage – Gel Mask
Offer price £31, 100ml (standard price £48)

A soothing moisture boost.  This velvety refreshing mask is a cloud of softness. Its texture is light and deeply hydrating, providing a soothing feeling to the skin.  Apply to face and neck, also great for hair and scalp. Key ingredients: aquaxyl, aloe vera, edelweiss and calendula extracts, essential oils of lavender, marjoram, thyme, lemon, cypress and ylang ylang.

Algoderm Seaweed Mask
Not recommended for seafood or iodine allergies
Offer price £45.45, 100ml (standard price £50.50)

A creamy mask with mineral rich algae, proteins, vitamins and omega 3. Supports moisture, firms and tones, helps prevent lines and wrinkles, soothes and relaxes the skin. Key ingredients: algae, gluten free wheat germ oil, glycerin, antioxidants vitamin E and rosemary extract, bigarade (Chinese bitter orange).

Ageless La Cure Clay Mask
Certified organic, soothing and purifying
Offer price £40.95, 50ml (standard price £45.50)

Extremely rich in minerals and sweet almond oil, this pink clay mask is nourishing and revitalising.  The clay cleanses, adds minerals and purifies the skin.  In addition the mask is highly moisturising and soothing thanks to its contraction in aloe, calendula and verbena flower water.  It also has healing and anti-wrinkle properties due to the precious rose essential oil that acts directly on collagen production. A great radiance booster.

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